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Last minute holidays

Late deals are sometimes good way to get cheap holiday packages.

If you’re like me, you tend to get caught up in everything but planning for your holiday break until the last moment, you’ll be quite surprised at the bargains you’ll find left!

Although you might have less choice, you will get better prices, this is because what’s left is what resorts and travel agents haven’t been able to book, and so the price goes down like in any good demand and offer trade off.

I must warn you though that you will have greater and better choice if you plan your holiday break ahead of time, there might be a reason why some resorts are only available at the last minute! Sometimes you don’t want to find out only once you’re there.In fact you can still find cheap holidays several months before the actual holiday period you want to go on break. Unless you’re looking for an isolated, tourist free destination, bookings for most christmas or new years holiday destinations tend to start selling around October! By mid november prices already hike up enough to scare most people who want to keep their trip affordable.

Plan ahead, save your money, get a tan at the last minute!

Last minute deals are sometimes great

That is why I suggest you book your trip right away, you can find great deals already in the holidays deals section or even the main holiday booking section.


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It’s time to choose your holiday destination, book now for the best rates

It’s always a good time to go on holidays, but right now is the best time to book your holiday for the right price. Whether it is for your thanksgiving weekend getaway, or you’re looking to get the best deals out there for your christmas and new years time holidays.

There’s always a great beach destination somewhere in the world, make sure you use our resources to help you find it.

Buying your ticket now not only gives you the widest variety of choices, but it also enables you to save a lot of money while still having that choice. Those who wait until November, or even December will only have limited choices left, and prices will rise so high that it might not be interesting except for last minute deals. Let me warn you though, that by that time most hotels will be fully booked, and you might be left taking whatever you can get.

The best thing to do to be set for your holidays is to prepare and book now. The crashing economy all over the world these days might makes it hard for some of us to afford the ideal holidays, that is why some may seek ways to save every penny they can, and get the best bang for the buck getaway. It’s always wise to save money, wiser to make money too, but work is always more fun after a nice relaxing, mind clearing, and affordable vacation.

This holiday the decision is up to you, whether you want to discover Spain, in Barcelona, or on the beautiful beaches of Palma de Majorca. Perhaps you’d like to fall in love with France.

Greece’s tough economic situation at the moment, does not affect it’s beaches or tourist activities, and i strongly suggest that you lose yourself in the minotaur’s labyrinth this holiday! To discover true island wonders of this beautiful region.


All inclusive packages

The best beach holiday vacations are ones where you don’t need to worry about spending any more than what you paid to get there, and still get everything you need to enjoy your stay; That’s where all inclusive deals shine! When I seek a worry free, cheap airfare, and affordable stay destination, I often begin by considering all inclusive packages that offer the: Flight, stay,  food and drinks all in one price. Many times, all inclusive deals will have the cheapest cost. I’ve tried time and again to put together a cheap flight, cheap hotel, and expect to find inexpensive restaurants or end up with a one week fast food diet, and trust me, it never adds up much better than the package deal! The time wasted putting these together, and all the extra paperwork or technicalities makes it worthless.

An all in one package deal is a great way to save planning time, money, and effort when you’re just looking for a nice sunshine beach destination, and not the hassle of organizing the whole trip, you can spend that time on the beach. You might also find a better all in one travel insurance plan that covers all of those details of your holidays on the beach.

More often i’ve found this option available in Caribbean vacation destinations, it is especially more affordable in Cuba. However the all inclusive package is available in most modern resorts, around the world, for an extra fee. It is up to you whether you’d rather discover the local restaurants and food hotspots. Or if you prefer to stick to the hotel or resorts menu, and pay less with an all inclusive deal.

There exists deals that offer drinks-included stays, and some that offer food-included stays only. In case you’d like to taste the local cocktails without comitting yourself to the establishment’s restaurants, or if you don’t particularly see yourself drinking much.

When looking for a cheap holiday deal, once you’ve got your destination set (I suggest looking at the post for cheap holidays, and the destinations section to decide where to go!), the only worry you should have is which swimsuit to bring, and how much lotion you should get!

PS: As an avid traveller I suggest a diet strong in carotene to get that wonderful orange suntan, a best source for that might be carrot juice or carrots themselves! Anything with vitamin A should help too.

We’re working on a section to help you find and book your ideal all inclusive cheap holidays, as well as some great late last minute deals. Make sure to check back soon.


European beaches

European beaches offer an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a seaside setting and be close to the rich occidental culture of European nations.

I would suggest European beach destinations for the spring, summer and fall time, but not winter as you probably will find much better weather in tropical areas such as the Caribbean, southern hemisphere destinations, and Pacific island destinations.

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking you got yourself cheap holidays in Europe in the winter time, it’s just a consequence of sub par weather. Although some of these destinations are good year long, I strongly advise you look into tropical destinations, perhaps in the Americas (As cited above, Caribbean destinations are great, year long), or Pacific.

There are in fact interesting activities in Europe, even in the winter time, but beach activities don’t show up on that list.


Here’s a brief list of interesting European beaches and destinations for the summer time:






Saint Tropez












On the beach holidays this fall

As the Fall season is coming in full force, the seas are changing, the beaches are emptying, and it’s a great time to take find a good cheap beach vacation somewhere peaceful and quiet. I would strongly suggest some southern European beaches still at this time, as the resorts are just starting to close up for the holiday season. The weather is still fine, and the seas are still warm from the August heat and sun.

I must however warn you of the prevalence of jellyfish! Especially for those sensitive to it’s sting, the jelly fish’s often painful sting can incapacitate you for quite a couple days, perhaps wrecking your on the beach holidays. Its population near the mediterranean shores, grows towards the end of August, and booms in September. This intriguing creature is hard to see below water because of it’s see through composure, and sometimes hard to notice at all even by the sense of touch due to it’s unnoticeable jelly like skin, that flows through water,  like water! And feels like water flowing through your hand. Those of you that are curious about this mysterious creature will likely be able to see a few of them washed out of the sea, on the beach’s shore. I would recommend not touching it with your bare skin.

Taking your break in September gives you the great advantage of having cheap on the beach holiday deals available. It allows you to take advantage of a still warm and cozy summer feel in Europe, and have a calm and quiet beach all to yourself, and the locals.



Cheap holidays

Tight budget, or deep pockets, you can get your feet wet, and your cheeks tanned with a cheap holiday on the beach in this economy.

Cheap holidays in 2011

You don’t need to put your life savings into a trip to enjoy your time off  work this summer. Europe offers a great variety of activities and travel destinations for all budgets. I will give you tips i’ve collected over the years on how to get the best quality for your money holidays.

I’ve travelled Europe with my budget being at both extremes, and the economy too (2008: Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza, France: Montpellier, Toulouse, Saint Tropez, Canne, Andorra, Italy: Venise, Milan,  Caribbean: Cancun Mexico). I can guarantee that you will enjoy your stay and travels there either way. Whether you’re looking for an all inclusive holiday, including food and drinks, or a just a flat for the week: and a guide to where to get all you need in the city.

Either way, it’s important not to overshoot yourself, and especially in mediterranean countries, you must remember that barter and negotiating is part of the culture, you can always get it for cheaper. Planning your holidays early is also essential, but if you got caught up until now and just need to go right away, I’ll tell you about my last minute holidays experiences.

It’s also important to remember that “knowing the language” and being closer to the people, more friendly rather then distant and business like, will help you get a better deal. In mediterranean countries.



Discover great beaches, destinations, and how to make the most of your holidays!

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Holidays are never long enough, at on the beach holidays i’ll talk about the best vacations i’ve had and how the tricks of the trade to make the most of your holidays on the beach!

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