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On the beach holidays this fall

As the Fall season is coming in full force, the seas are changing, the beaches are emptying, and it’s a great time to take find a good cheap beach vacation somewhere peaceful and quiet. I would strongly suggest some southern European beaches still at this time, as the resorts are just starting to close up for the holiday season. The weather is still fine, and the seas are still warm from the August heat and sun.

I must however warn you of the prevalence of jellyfish! Especially for those sensitive to it’s sting, the jelly fish’s often painful sting can incapacitate you for quite a couple days, perhaps wrecking your on the beach holidays. Its population near the mediterranean shores, grows towards the end of August, and booms in September. This intriguing creature is hard to see below water because of it’s see through composure, and sometimes hard to notice at all even by the sense of touch due to it’s unnoticeable jelly like skin, that flows through water,  like water! And feels like water flowing through your hand. Those of you that are curious about this mysterious creature will likely be able to see a few of them washed out of the sea, on the beach’s shore. I would recommend not touching it with your bare skin.

Taking your break in September gives you the great advantage of having cheap on the beach holiday deals available. It allows you to take advantage of a still warm and cozy summer feel in Europe, and have a calm and quiet beach all to yourself, and the locals.



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