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The most beautiful beaches I’ve been to for diving include: Palma, Crete,  Cancun, and  the south of cuba as well.

Diving is a relaxing, calming activity, it doesn’t require you to do much exercise other than carrying the bottle, but it requires you to be in top health in order to enjoy it completely. Lifting the bottle all the way to the water is one thing, that requires a good back as the diving gear is extremely heavy. Under water the material is seemingly weightless due to buoyancy, however an other health risk of diving is for those whose lungs or heart are not accustomed to pressure changes, people with ailments of heart or lung should check with their doctors before going out diving.

In order to dive safely, you’ll need a partner too, and you will need at least basic training to start.

Once you get through your initiation, you’re ready to discover an underwater world of wonders, many beautiful underwater creatures live near the beach.

You might be scuba diving to find ruins or remains from ancient civilizations, as is common mediterranean beaches. Or perhaps for the sensation of diving in the cenotes in Mexico


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