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Backpacking South America

South America is becoming a popular destination for tourist world wide, year after year. Its natural beauty, combined with warm Latino culture, and balmy weather make it a perfect holiday destination for any traveler seeking adventure. The best way to travel South America is to stay at least two weeks. One week in a resort on the beach, the other traveling on South American tours, alone or with guides.

Indeed, as backpacking South America is safer than ever before, more people enjoy road trips or backpacking across South American countries. Popular South American backpacking destinations include Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Ecuador.

The amazon

Amazon is considered to be the largest river in the world

In all of these countries, one of the most popular tourist attractions is hiking the forest and discovering the unique tropical amazon rainforest. A diverse variety of uniquely South American plants and animals thrive in the world’s biggest rain forest. Another reason to go backpacking South America is that many of these animals and plants are on the brink of extinction due to climate changes and deforestation.

The longest continental mountain range in the world also resides in South America; it is the Andes Mountains. They include many volcanoes, which might interest those looking for hot springs and spas. They also offer completely different scenery from the tropical forest.

Aside from the exotic wonders of the rain forest and grandiose scenery of the Andes, most of these countries also offer beautiful beaches and ideal beach weather for you to enjoy them.

The people in South America are very warm, used to people backpacking South America, and traditional culture is an important part of every day life, from the renown carnivals of Rio, to the many world acclaimed DJ’s resident in South American nightclubs.

One essential thing to pack for your trip backpacking South America is bug spray! Indeed, tropical beauty comes at a price, and that price is the sting of exotic mosquitoes, often times relentless and frightening, you’ll risk not getting any sleep if you do forget your bug spray, so plan ahead.



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