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Low cost holidays in Mexico

Known for it’s beautiful pyramids, caribbean beaches, and Inca mysteries, such as this country, that first introduced the pleasures of chocolate plant to our world,  offers you the privilege of adventure, discovery and sunshine all in one. Mexican food has been internationalized but there’s nothing like eating a burrito in it’s homeland.

Party goers flood this country all winter long where all inclusive resorts fill up with young beautiful people there to soak in the much needed sunshine from the clear sky and saline from the see-through sea. If you enjoy Mexican cuisine, or wish to find yourself discovering a unique world of adventure in it’s forests, and wildlife, Mexico is not only a beach destination, but a destination of discovery and adventure. The beaches never deceive on Caribbean shores, and Mexico is far from an exception.

From the party towns of Riviera Maya and Cancun, to the mysteries of the Yucatan province, Mexico is the ultimate winter holidays vacation destination.

You’ll have no problem finding cheap all inclusive resorts in Mexico, and a plethora of activities in this country where tourism has become part of it’s contemporary culture. You can scuba dive in the cenote and discover a beautiful untamed under water cave world! Or discover the wonders underwater near the shores.

A part of my trip to Mexico I did enjoy was taking the ferry to Isla de Mujeres (women’s island), renting a scooter there and touring the small island’s beaches, occasionally losing myself to underwater mysteries on the beach with my snorkelling gear.

It’s always a good time to go to Mexico, however, summer and fall are the so called “rainy seasons” where you might have moments of tropical rain during a typical day. As well as clouds briefly covering up the clear blue sky. Winter is the best time to go, whether it is for the christmas to new years holiday season, ideal for a family trip to enjoy a tropical destination, or for a group of young adults during the spring break season, in March to April, where the partying does not stop.

Akin to most Central and South America destinations, Mexico offers great deals on low cost all inclusive resorts, cheap vacation packages are readily available. Mexico holidays on the beach definitely give you the best bang for the buck holidays.


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