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Holidays in Barcelona

Whether you go on Holidays in Barcelona for the beaches, the spanish culture or the people, you will find what you seek in just the right time. You can feel the mediterranean warmth of being in Barcelona from the first building you will see, to the taste of any local restaurant’s paella.

Partying and fun

Barcelona is also a center for inexpensive, wild partying in all of southern Europe, and one of the few near the beach. I first went to Barcelona following guidance from a barber in London who told me that if I wanted the best bang for the buck in the party scene, Barcelona is the place to be.

Artistic culture

Segrada Familia

Segrada Familia - Famous Roman Catholic church in Barcelona

Aside the endless nights of partying, you can also enjoy your cheap holiday activities in the daytime. With galleries and museums all over this city,  home of Pablo Picasso, and Gaudi. Its peculiar architecture might leave you wandering the streets in awe. From the gothic style of the Barri Gotic, to the contemporary modern art designs and finally Segrada Familia’s merging of the two styles.


City tours often bring you to the top of Montjuic, where the castle of Montjuic overlooks Barcelona and the mediterranean. You can access the castle of Montjuic by cable car too, another interesting activity in Barcelona giving you an eye in the sky view of the city. Tickets go for under 10 euros for the cable car, and access to the castle is free.

Barcelona port

It is also a ferry port to the more costly but definitely out of this world island of Ibiza. For those wanting to enjoy a classy, limitless and all in one  luxurious holidays, you’ll need a deep pocket (this is relative to spanish costs for holidays) to enjoy the island of Palma de mallorca, also accessible from Barcelona.

Watch out for con artists

Be wary of thieves and pick pockets in populated areas of Barcelona, especially the metro. Make sure to hold your purse tightly. Be wary of distractions some thieves use: such as pushing your friend or someone to the ground so they can steal your wallets or belongings. Another con I’ve had done to me in Barcelona, and which is very frequent, is having my tires deflated, then the con artists would drive by in motorbike and let us know we could change our tires in a nearby gas station/shady ally way, this is just an opportunity for them to steal your car.



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