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Island holidays in Crete

Every summer I travel to the mediterranean region, and discover a new beach. Summer was made for mediterranean beaches, and Europe was made for summer. When I set out to plan my next travel destinations, there’s some basic questions I ask to evaluate it: How much of a tan can I get there, will I enjoy meeting the locals, and learning about their culture, is the landscape unique and specific to this destination? Whatever you intend to do, European mediterranean beaches have it all. Most of all; culture, heat, and party are often on the menu!

Crete is one of my recent favorites: it’s location and climate are as good as it gets, it is also a cultural center of Greece, where you will find the Minoan palace at Knossos: home of the minotaur. The mythical creature described as “part man part bull”, once feared by Cretans, who built the elaborate maze like labyrinth to trap him.





You will be able to enjoy some truly beautiful sunsets and rises at any near beach resort in Crete. The sunshine is always there to greet you. The island of Crete has several centers of activity depending on what you’ll be looking for. Beautiful landscapes and adventure can be found along the gorge of Samaria; through the so called Iron gates, a passage where the gorge narrows to barely 4 meters large, and 1,100m high. For a more relaxed beach retreat, the palm beach of Vai, which is the largest natural Palm forest in Europe is worth checking out. Ruin seekers will be interested in the aforementioned Minoan ruins at Knossos, or the Venetian old city and port of Chania, in this region you’ll be able to find the  most unspoilt parts of Crete.

Crete is one of several other Greek islands, including the much recognized island of Santorini, which you can access by ferry and visit in a day. This island where architecture is characterized by blue roof tops on white walled houses has been popularized in many movies and recent music videos. This island is built on the remains of one of histories biggest volcanic eruptions, and offers both an amazing landscape and architecture.


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