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French holidays in Montpellier

French holidays in Montpellier, the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon


An up and coming, as well as promising tourist hot spot of the south of France, Montpellier offers a culture of its own representing the whole Languedoc-Roussillon region. As well as un bruised mediterranean beaches, that go on and on forever.

Tourists bars and beach events have been booming in the modern looking, and recently ever more developed Montpellier city center. Offering a great variety of activities in the spirit of French holiday vacations.

Grande Beach near montpellier

La Grande Motte and it's beach near montpellier

Like most cities in southern Europe, Montpellier is a great beach destination in the summer time. The temperature regularly reaches 35 degrees or higher, allowing you to cool down in the calm seas of the mediterranean.

It is also nearby tourist centers, and beaches such as Carnon, la Grande Motte, Sette and Palavas. Some of these including nudist beaches, resorts, plenty of beach bars, and private beaches as well as island beaches, between the Camargue and mediterranean. There’s a beach activity for everyone in Montpellier.

If you’re looking for a road and camping adventure, many beaches near Montpellier offer camping facilities for you to drop off your van and enjoy the beach, lying beyond the nearby dunes. You might be interested in Le Grand travers beach, or Petit travers, both near La Grande motte, and on offering long stretches of untamed sandy beaches, spotted with bars filled with locals as well as tourists.

I must add that Montpellier is also a famous center of gypsy culture. Although gypsy’s have a bad standing in this region, it would be foolish to discriminate against them all. Especially since they’ve enriched, and affected the region’s cultural development significantly, but be careful when dealing with street gypsy’s that may want to show you a sketchy trick.

Like other French cities Montpellier has a significant cultural background and a great variety of traditional French architecture. From it’s very city center to the nearby towns.

In the summer time it is not uncommon for nearby villages to host festivities such as the “Toro piscine” where a bull is let loose in an arena, teased into a pool. Reminiscent of the Spanish Toreadors, and chasing of the bull.

Montpellier Chateau d'Eau

The "water castle" or Chateau d'Eau in Montpellier


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