12 Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Spain !! Beach Holidays in Spain

Best 12 Beach Holiday Destinations in Spain
Surrounded by the Balearic Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the Alboran Sea, Spain is an obvious choice for beach vacations. The country boasts miles of stunning coastlines, not to mention a few Spanish-governed islands. Whether you’re looking for secluded beaches, vibrant culture or unforgettable views, Spain has it all.

12. Nerja

A few miles away from the bustling beaches of Malaga on the Costa del Sol is Nerja, a charming coastal destination located at the foothills of the Sierra Almijara Mountain Range. Once a traditional fishing village, Nerja has grown to be top tourist destination in Spain, but it retains an authentic Spanish atmosphere. For spectacular views over the water, head to Nerja’s Balcony of Europe, where you can look down at the sea at the site of an ancient castle.

11. Sitges

Along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is Sitges, a seaside resort that is within a short drive of Barcelona. Many city residents flock to Sitges for a day in the sun, but it is a worthy vacation spot in its own right. Along the coastline called the Costa Dorada, Sitges boasts a whopping 17 beaches. What makes Sitges so appealing to so many is that the beaches vary so much.
10. Santander

In Northern Spain, on a stretch of coastline called the Costa de Cantabria, is the city of Santander. Although it boasts a historic city center and the Magdalena Palace, which was once the summer residence of the Spanish king, Santander is best known for its beaches. Playa de la Magdalena, or Magdalena Beach, is just one example of a popular local swimming spot.

9. Costa Brava

North of Barcelona, and close to the border with France, is the coastal region known as the Costa Brava. Here, you can find a number of seaside resorts, quaint fishing villages and major coastal resorts. If you’re looking for lots of scenery and a very traditional Spanish beach destination, Tossa de Mar is ideal.

8. Benidorm

On the stretch of coastline called Costa Blanca, you’ll find the busy resort of Benidorm. Popular with expats as well as tourists from around Europe, Benidorm is a bustling destination with countless hotels, shopping malls and amenities. Of course, its beautiful beaches are still also a major draw. There are two major beaches in Benidorm: Levante and Poniente.
7. Corralejo
Corralejo is a beach-town on the northern tip of Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands. The island has many beautiful beaches, and it is widely recognized as a favorite destination for watersports enthusiasts. That’s because, in part, of regular winds that improve conditions for things like sailing, surfing and windsurfing.

6. Marbella

Marbella in the Costa el Sol was once a tiny fishing village with just a few hundred residents. Today, it is one of the best known beach destinations on the planet. The Old Town and Orange Square are full of historic architecture, but the real attraction is the warm weather, the gorgeous beaches and the nightlife.

5. Tenerife
The largest of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa is Tenerife. Visitors flock there throughout the year to enjoy the warm weather, the world-class nightlife and the exceptional beaches. While there are plenty of opportunities to kick back on the beaches with a cold drink,
4. Tarifa

On the southernmost tip of Spain, along the Costa de la Luz, is a small town known as Tarifa. The beaches are phenomenal in their own right, but what makes Tarifa particularly special is that you can see across the Strait of Gibraltar all the way to Africa from the coastline. If you’re interested in beach sports, then make your way to the beach called Los Lances.

3. Ibiza

The Balearic Island known for its nonstop nightlife is Ibiza. While the island undeniably comes alive at night, days at the beach are still an appealing option for many visitors. If you visit Ibiza, be sure to check out Cala Salada in the San Antonio region of Ibiza.

2. Maspalomas

Gran Canaria is one of the most popular of the Canary Islands located off the coast of the Western Sahara in Africa. The Spanish island has plenty of appealing vacation spots, but one of the best is undoubtedly Maspalomas. Striking sand dunes and a bright blue sea make Maspalomas a visually appealing getaway destination. Maspalomas is divided into four areas.

1. Majorca

Of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Majorca is the largest. Boasting countless white-sand beaches and clear water, Majorca is a fantastic spot for a beach getaway. Magaluf Beach is one of the most popular on the island, and an attractive promenade lines the sand and offers dining, souvenir shopping and nightlife.

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12 Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Spain


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