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Hurray! This vacation Baby Hazel is glad to be gifted with a beach treat from her mom and dad. Hazel is excited to play under sunny sky with golden sand, swim in blue water of sea, relax and sip exotic drinks and indulge in other beach activities. Play the game to have lots of fun with Baby Hazel at the beach. Help her in packing important accessories and gears and take care of all her needs.

Baby Hazel packs bag
Baby Hazel is happy as she is surprised by her parents with a beach treat. Can you help her in packing essential gears, clothes and other accessories required for enjoying beach activities?

Baby Hazel beach activities
Baby Hazel is all ready to enjoy under the cloudless sky near azure blue waters of beach. She is excited to indulge in some fun-filled beach activities and spend her relaxing moments. Be with Hazel and don’t leave her unattended as it’s her visit to beach.

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