Cheap / Budget EDC Carry for Beach, Vacations, Days off

Hi all! Just a bunch of budget EDC items that are bullet proof for the beach and the salt water conditions. Here’s list of the items:
1) Casio 1200AE
2) Kraken by PicaroonTools ( )
3) Opinel Outdoor
4) BB Cap by Pentagon Tactical Gear
This is an EDC channel related extremely to Picaroon Tools and Forest Berserk brands. They are both mine and are one-man brands. Here i will post videos and slideshows of every related to the process of making, customizing, packing and using the tools of both brands !

I want to thank to all the EDC community, knife owners, everyday carry enthusiasts, preppers, survivalists and buschcrafters, for all the support and positive/negative feedback !


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