Molokini Snorkeling Tour (Maui) | Is a Molokini Crater Snorkel Trip Worth It?

Molokini Crater snorkeling is a top thing to do when vacationing on Maui, but is it worth it? One can see amazing marine life with the shoreline snorkeling. But we did see dolphins…

We put off a trip to Molokini Crater for a year but when Pacific Whale Foundation opened for residents, we couldn’t resist going to Molokini Crater and Turtle Arches on a Pacific Whale Foundation tour.

We put off a trip to Molokini for snorkeling because we thought it wasn’t worth it. We love snorkeling on Maui and one can do great snorkeling for free from the shore. Why get a snorkeling boat to see turtles and fish?

After going, we realized a trip to Molokini Crater is more about the day out on the water. Be it a big boat tour, a sailboat, or a raft, it is a fun day on the ocean if that is what you are looking for in a #Maui or any island on #Hawaii vacation.

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Molokini Crater and Turtle Arches Snorkeling Tour: Is a Boat Tour Worth the Money?
01:09 Why a Molokini snorkel trip may be worth it for you
02:06 Tips on what to bring snorkeling at Molokini
02:47 Debate: Why to to Turtle Town by boat when you can go by shore?
03:45 Breakfast by Pacific Whale Foundation
04:31 Dolphins spotted on the way to Molokini
05:27 Molokini Crater Facts
06:45 Molokini Snorkeling footage (eel and turtle included)
10:01 Pu’u Olai Beach Snorkeling
11:12 Lunch by Pacific Whale Foundation

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Molokini Crater Photo by Farid Askerov on Unsplash


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